Friday, 28 March 2008

PRIVATE PARKING COMPANIES Judge Quashes £300 parking Fine. and the guy in the picture who owns excel runs the Excel car park for Bolton Council

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Fines from Private Parking companies are nothing more than invoices, provided you do not admit to driving the car you will not have to pay anything.

Whilst a Council parking ticket is directed at the owner or registered keeper, a Private Parking Company (PPC) parking ticket is directed at the driver, Whilst I don't advocate telling lies to the PPC by informing them that you were not driving if you were, if you do not admit to driving then they cannot do a thing about trying to get money, whilst they cannot take you to a magistrates court, they can however take you to the county court, you do not have to incriminate yourself by telling the court you were driving even if you were and you do not have to tell the court who was driving if it was not you. As far as I know NO private parking company has ever taken anyone to court for this type of offence.
These PPC's use illegal tactics to scare drivers and most end up paying for fear of the price rising most PPC's are operating a con and should be exposed and made to refund their ill gotten gains.
Ignore all letters other than an initial letter informing them that you will treat any further communications as intimidation and harassment and will inform the Police.

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This is from a debt recovery company for an unpaid Parking ticket, now totalling £235 and climbing, as I have advised the recipient not to pay them.

Notice how they use the name of the company they are acting for as PCN (North West limited) the use of PCN is illegal as it is purely intended to make you think it is a council PCN.
Notice how it is from the Pre Court Division in RED to frighten you, then they use the Red Bordered NOTICE OF INTENDED LITIGATION again to scare you into paying, this is intimidation of the highest kind.

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