Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bolton council cave in on Pilkington v Bolton Council review

Bolton Council have done a U turn on the Pilkington v Bolton Council review which they lost in March, after speaking to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (Formally NPAS)I asked yesterday why was there a delay with this review, I was informed by their appeals Coordinator that Bolton Council were no longer contesting the review, the coordinator was surprised that neither Mr Pilkington or myself had been informed of the decision, she said that the Council should have informed us both of their decision a month ago, sheer incompetence and complaceny from both the Council and the TPT, so nothing new there then, both the Council and the TPT are supposed to inform the appellant and anyone acting on their behalf of these decisions, I have asked legal services for confirmation of this U-Turn but at the time of writing nothing has been received. No reason was given for the climb down.

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